28 Oct

First Aid for Kids – Session 1

Last Sunday was a super fun and interesting day for the local kids at Under The Tree library. The children had the opportunity to learn useful first aid skills, such as wound disinfection and hygiene. Mr Khoa and Ms Linh also taught the kids how to properly dress a wound! They learnt four types of wound care dressings at dorsal of the hand, forearm and elbows. It was initially hard for them. However, the children were so smart and excited dividing up into pairs and practicing alternately. Any of them who did not remember how to dress a wound was carefully guided by the volunteering teachers. In the end of the class, the kids could be as careful and cool as well-trained doctors and nurses. Well done, our kids!

We would like to state a sincere thank-you to all of the sponsors who have supported this activity of “Under the tree” – community library. Many thanks to Ms. Linh, Mr. Khoa and all our enthusiastic volunteers. Many thanks to Mr. Manh Hung Nguyen who helped to capture the beautiful moments of the class.

The second  session of “First Aid For Kids”  is planned on November.  Stay tuned!