13 Nov

The magic of soap

The STEM class for kids “The magic of soap” was held today. We learnt the story between Oil and Water, those do not get along well; however, they can become mixed with each other with a generous squirt of Detergent!

Soap also helps to wash off dirt, oil, and sweat giving us a feeling of cleanness, freshness and relaxation. We also learnt how to wash our hands properly while dancing with those volunteering  teachers. From now on, we will wash hands after playing and before eating in order to stay clean and sanitized, not to let bacteria and dirt harm our body.

Last but not least, we can tell of pride with our friends about those cute little soap cubes which we made by ourselves!

We would like to sincerely thank Mr. Quang from Saigon Scientists Group who was so energetically teaching our kids at the Under the Tree library. We also would like to thank the volunteers who helped to hold the class to capture the precious moments.