Our team

Linh Tran

Co-founder/English Teacher

Linh is a Doctor at Van Hanh Hospital. Behind her tender and loving appearance is a great love of freedom. Linh co-founded the project with a desire to help the freedom-loving young spirits to free themselves, to find and follow their true passion, regardless of whether it is art, science or sport.

Trang Tran


Despite being a computer enthusiast, books have always been an indispensable part of her life. She has grown up to recognize that the most valuable and beautiful lessons in life are hidden in the juvenile fictions. She co-founded the project to help revive the values of books, and to deliver such values to the children who need them most.

Thuy Tran

Project Manager/English Teacher

Thuy is working as a specialist at Nguyen Tat Thanh University. Being immensely fond of children, Thuy has brought a lively energy to the English classes and the activities with acuity in everything she does. The classes and the local children have become an integral part of her life and her heart.

Nhu Nguyen

Project Coordinator/ Media

A freelance creative, Nhu is always striving for freedom in everything she does. She believes in education and the media’s power to change society for better. As a keen reader and learner, Nhu has breathed new life into the project and kept it vibrantly fresh for the kids as well as our members. She has a great love for children and their unfiltered approach to life

Tho Nguyen

Game Master

A veteran English teacher with a burning passion for civil-society organizations, Thơ has brought a wealth of teaching skills and experience to our volunteer teachers. Now a fellow at Teach for Vietnam, Thơ remains the leader of our English team, taking charge of crafting the syllabus while being an infinite source of ideas on class activities.

Thuong Nguyen

Reading Teacher

Joining the project shortly after it was founded, Thuong has become an integral part of the core team who brought about the regular classes and the diverse activities of the projects. Saturdays have since become her favorite day of the week.

Phung Quach

Social Media

Being a medical student with a peculiar love of art, Phung has put a vivid color to every portrait of our project.

Nhung Ngo

English Teacher

A medical student who always comes to class with a bright smile, even after long-distance travel, Nhung has not only helped with teaching but also leverage the mood of every class she is in.

We can’t thank enough the volunteers who have joined us. Regardless of how long you have been/were in the project, we are so glad you have been part of us, and part of the change we want to make.