Vision and Mission


Since humanity started to record their knowledge, their thoughts, their emotions, for the later generation, books have become the timeless resources that brought about the flourish of many civilizations. They are the teachers we turn to for our questions, the friends we come for our comfort, the masters we look for to clear our mind. Despite their values, the digital era seems to create a perception that books have no use when anyone can get an instant answer to any question. The greatest use of books, we believe, is not to bring answers, but to invoke questions. It is the perpetual contemplation that sets human apart, that cannot be provided by instant answers.

In that spirit, we strive to recover the values of books in the perception of young Vietnamese generations, light up a flame of passion for truth-seeking and knowledge-sharing.


Duoi Bong Cay’s mission is to encourage reading habit and to cultivate the love of knowledge among children.

The project starts with the change in ourselves and the local community.

We recognized that the lack of English (and Vietnamese) literacy of children in the local community is a major hurdle to their self-development. Illiteracy is both the result and the cause of the persistent disadvantaged financial and social status of their family. As an effort to break this vicious cycle, we offer free English classes to the local children, as well as STEM and art classes. These activities together will give these kids a diverse experience to find their passion, and equip them with the skills they need to move themselves forward.

Central to our project is a public library that serves the local community, focusing on children and youth readers. With regular library activities, we wish to cultivate the passion with books among our team, our young students and eventually our community.

Volunteer principles

Be of service

The project is founded and operated in the spirit of service to the children and community. The library offers resources, the classes provide the tools to take advantage of those resources, the extracurricular activities fulfill the developmental need and nurture a community sense among the children.

Be good examples

The project itself is an educational environment that needs continual improvement. Every member should consider themselves an educator, and self-perfection is one of the basic tasks of an educator.

Be respectful

Respect the children, their diverse personality and their prospects. Encourage and promote the habit of independent and critical thinking.